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Private Equity & Real Estate

Tradable asset with a focus on direct Real Estate investments & Private Equity/Debt-exposure

Key benefits

Exposure to Real Estate

Real estate investments focused on a good mix of income generating properties.

Private Equity & Debt

Both direct and fund-of-fund investments in private equity & debt, focus on capital gain and income generating assets.

Track Record

Outstanding track record, with high tradability and low volatility.

ESG focused

The investment selection promotes environmental and social characteristics with attention to good governance practices.


Advantages for the investor

In addition to our bond and equity strategies, private equity and real estate investments provide further diversification benefits. The tradability still offers the opportunity to rebalance the portfolio and solidify gains. This asset classes faces historically higher returns than bond markets do. Furthermore, rental income takes care of loan repayments resulting in ongoing debt reduction. Due to the semi-annual portolio & property revaluation an up-to-date valuation of the underlying real estate, private equity and dept is ensured.