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Equities plus options

Systematic generation of market-independent income through option overlay and dividends.

Key benefits

Strong cashflow generation

In addition to income from dividends, a systematic option overlay provides further regular cashflows.

Quality Stocks

We only invest in US, European and Swiss large cap companies with outstanding market positioning, attractive valuation and growth profile as well as best-in-class balance sheets.

Anticyclical portfolio behavior

Selling call and put options not only provides additional cashflows, but also enables us to anticyclically enter and exit the market.


Advantages for the investor

In addition to traditional dividends, our options offer premiums that are particularly appreciated by our income-oriented investors. Our private clients like the buffering effect of this extra income. Since we only manage a small number of mandates per portfolio manager, we can achieve the individual return expectation of each client with a higher probability. We only use listed options on companies with a market capitalization of more than $20 billion.

Options make the risk of a portfolio more calculable and are particularly suitable for investors who do not believe in an unconditional continuation of the stock market boom.

How we do

How to use put options and call options
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